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Founded in 2015, DRONEware.ro delivers the latest advances in Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle technology, developing autonomous reconnaissance and surveillance systems for both government and commercial industries such as environmental monitoring, search-and-rescue applications, precision agriculture and disaster relief.

Whether you're a novice or a professional, our growing range of multirotor drones have been carefully selected to offer the very best in value for money and quality. We interact with our customers and learn as much as we can about their needs so we can continually produce new, innovative technologies for their future applications.

Our objectives are accomplished while maintaining a set of values based on:

  • Reliability: we use top quality components to ensure product reliability and performance.
  • Quality: our products follow a strict validation process to ensure the quality of all our systems.
  • R&D: we are investing continuously on research & development in order to improve our product range.

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