The new DRONEware Blackhawk V2 has been designed to offer the most advanced features and quality you simply won't find on conventional systems. A reliable tool for everyday commercial and industrial applications, with a massive payload capacity, DW Blackhawk V2 comes with a fully foldable frame which is made only from carbon fiber and metal alloys, last generation 32-bit ARM autonomous flight controller, extra high capacity Li-Po battery and UHD camera with 3-axis image stabilization system. 

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Being the initial release in its series, DRONEware Blackhawk ready to fly (RTF) kit comes with a fully retractable carbon fiber frame, high performance flight controller capable of autonomous flights, large capacity Li-Po battery and a high definition camera assisted by a powerful 2-axis image stabilization system, being an excellent FPV solution for a wide range of applications.

(Excl. 19% tax)

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