The second Flight Training module consists of First Person View concepts, starting with basic flight maneuevers up to advanced FPV procedures, both in manual and autonomous mode.

This course includes everything you need to know in order to acquire the necessary skills for flying a commercial drone in various environments for different applications.

Some of these applications include: Search and Rescue, Security & Surveillance, Aerial Video & Photography, Inspections, Science & Research and much more...

*Note: In order to register to this course module, you must first complete the previous Flight Training module (I).

Duration of this course: 6h


The first Flight Training module covers topics related to:

- General characteristics of drones (dimensions & weight, motors, propellers, battery);

- Flight Planning (checklists, flight parameters, limitations, normal & emergency procedures, flight time & wireless transmission range, autonomous flight planning);

- Service and maintenance.

*Note: It is highly recommended to follow the next Flight Training module (II) course in order to apply the theoretical concepts learned in this training module.

Duration of this course: 4h