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Before Engineering comes Consulting.

UAVs Manufacturing

UAVs Manufacturing

DRONEware has managed to transform complex technology into simple solutions by creating easy-to-use aerial devices for a wide range of applications.
Flight Training

Flight Training

Experienced pilots are needed as more and more companies are using UAVs for professional services in industries. Our UAV Pilot Training Program will get you prepared to become a professional drone pilot.
Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

Just like aircrafts, drones require repairs, routine maintenance, inspection and testing. Our experts will offer you the best service assistance to ensure your UAV is prepared for the next mission.
Research & Consulting

Research & Consulting

DRONEware provides leading expertise on UAVs industry. Our highly trained specialists we'll be happy to offer you the optimal solutions to your needs.

DRONEware is involved in a wide variety of applications worldwide

  • Aerial video & photography
    Aerial video and photography

    Professional Cinematography

    Either you are an enthusiast or a cinematography specialist, DRONEware UAVs will allow you to obtain breathtaking aerial shots. Equipped with 3-axis image stabilization systems and high precision GPS devices you will get high definition images without vibrations or shakes, even in gusty winds. Moreover, the First Person View (FPV) kit will allow you to get real time video transmissions on a 7" LCD, in order to adjust your camera’s pan & tilt angles to your desired position.

    DRONEware UAVs are fully compatible with a wide range of DSLR cameras and image stabilizers. For detailed information and assistance please feel free to contact our Support Department specialists: support@droneware.ro

  • Industrial inspections
    Industrial inspections

    Precise inspections at no risk

    Wherever is about wind turbines, pipelines, solar panels or power lines, periodic inspections are absolutely neccesary. Using DRONEware products, your company will be able to reduce maintenance costs and intervention time while lowering the risks especially in hazardous areas.

    Further applications:

    ☣ Oil & gas pipelines inspections

    ☣ Solar panels inspections

    ☣ Power line / cable inspections

    ☣ Wind turbines inspections

    ☣ Structures inspections

    ☣ Train lines inspections

    ☢ Radiation measurements & monitoring

  • Air surveillance & security
    Air surveillance and security

    High-end technology air surveillance

    When protecting wide areas against intrusion, appropriate air support could represent a decisive advantage in successfully identifying unauthorized access and even crimes. While helicopters could be an important source of air support, they are expensive, requiring adequate launch pads for takeoff and landing.

    Special designed for long-range flights, DRONEware unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) represent a great alternative, offering immediate air support anytime and anywhere, in a whole new different perspective. Moreover, our drones could be equipped with night surveillance equipment and thermal cameras for enhanced perimeter defense, even in dense vegetation and during night time.

    Here are just a few of the most-common applications of DRONEware UAVs:

    ☣ Perimeter surveillance

    ☣ Coastal surveillance - including maritime traffic and anti-piracy operations

    ☣ Monitoring earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floodings and other natural disasters

    ☣ Traffic surveillance

    ☣ Border surveillance – smuggling and illegal immigrants

    ☣ Police-related activities

    ☣ Search and rescue operations

    ☣ Surveillance of public events

    ☢ Nuclear accidents – surveillance & radiation level monitoring

  • Agriculture

    Increased crop productivity

    Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) represent an important contribution to the technological revolution in agriculture. Equipped with the latest generation ARM microcontrollers, GPS receivers and a wide range of sensors and multispectral cameras, DRONEware UAVs provide crucial data to farmers by detecting pests and fungal activity and offering information regarding soil and crops.

  • Science & research
    Science and research

    Modern era scientific research

    UAVs play an important role in scientific projects and research work, allowing scientists to see objects from different perspectives, at the same time make sure not to expose them to a potentially hazardous environment. DRONEware UAVs could be equipped with a wide range of sensors suitable for environment monitoring, air quality monitoring or radiation detection.

    DRONEware UAVs are able to carry a wide range of scientific equipments such as electronics or sample collection devices. Our skilled engineers will offer you the best solutions to your needs. For detailed information and assistance please feel free to contact our Support Department specialists: support@droneware.ro